Java Interview Guide


This is NOT your typical Java interview questions and answers book. 

This is a comprehensive interview preparation guide that follows the principle of 'Master the Concepts and Ace the Interview'. i.e. Focus on mastering the concepts while preparing for the interview, Success will follow naturally in interviews as well as in your career.

This principle is applied in every question in this Java Interview Guide. The guide has 250 plus REAL Interview Questions, separated into key chapters or focus areas. Each of the questions has detailed answers and most with code snippets that will help you in white-boarding interview sessions.

This guide is structured to help you master the core concepts and give you a definite and focused edge over other candidates.

How Does 'Java Interview Guide' Give You An Edge Over Other Candidates?

Let's see what makes this 'Java Interview Guide' unique for You.

  • It contains REAL Java Interview Questions and answers that have been most frequently asked in various companies!
  • It contains questions that are Tagged With Company Names where a similar question was asked. This enables you to judge the importance of a question!
  • It contains Detailed Answers with Code Snippets - extremely useful for your white-boarding sessions!
  • It contains Detailed answers with Diagrams - extremely useful for you to grasp and master key concepts!

Structured To Help You Focus On Mastering The Concepts.

'Java Interview Guide' is structured meticulously to help you master key concepts of Core Java.

The guide is divided into different knowledge areas or chapters. Each knowledge area contains following sections.

  • Important keywords you must know
  • Interview questions with detailed answers
  • End-of-chapter summary section that summarizes key concepts
  • End-of-chapter questions that help you test your knowledge

Core Java Knowledge Areas

'Java Interview Guide'  contains REAL interview questions on the following Core Java knowledge areas

    Chapter 1 - Object Oriented Design

    Chapter 2 - Objects and Classes

    Chapter 3 - Data Types

    Chapter 4 - Variables

    Chapter 5 - Strings

    Chapter 6 - Arrays

    Chapter 7 - Collections

    Chapter 8 - Generics

    Chapter 9 - Lambda Expressions

    Chapter 10 - Exceptions

    Chapter 11 - IO

    Chapter 12 - Threads

    Chapter 13 - Concurrency

    Chapter 14 - JDBC

    Chapter 15 - Networking

    Chapter 16 - Security

    Chapter 17 - JVM Internals

    Chapter 18 - Performance

    Chapter 19 - New in Java 8

    Chapter 20 - New in Java 9

    Chapter 21 - New in Java 10

    Chapter 22 - Approach to System Design Interview Questions

About the Author

I have more than 18 years of experience in Software Engineering field. During these years I have participated in hundreds of interviews, both as an interviewee as well as an interviewer.

For most of my career, I had the good fortune of choosing whom I wanted to work for, in what role, and in what capacity - as a full-time employee or as a consultant. I primarily based my decision based on the technologies that I would be working in. Most of the times I had multiple offers when I was looking for a job change.

But things were not always so rosy. In the beginning I had my share of interview failures, disappointments, embarrassments, and rejections. 

It was only when I started focusing on mastering the concepts, rather than reading through random lists of interview questions and answers, that I gradually started seeing success in my interviews.

As I started giving more interviews, I realized that some of the same questions were being asked again and again. All these questions were based on the core fundamentals of the topic or technology that I was interviewing for. 'Master the concepts - Ace the interview' became my philosophy for interview success.

Now I want to help you too - to ace your core Java interview by mastering the concepts.

 This guide contains interview questions and answers from my Java interview preparation notes - the same notes, which helped me master the concepts and succeed with multiple offers every single time that I wanted to change my job!

Frequently Asked Questions

For what experience level is the Java Interview Guide most useful for?  

The Java Interview Guide will be useful for anyone preparing for a core Java interview - Beginners who want to master the concepts for the interview, as well as experienced candidates with decades of experience who want to brush up the concepts.

For what role is the Java Interview Guide most useful for?

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Java Interview Guide